Posted by Chuck Corbin on Jan 31, 2012

SSX Will Use Online Pass

For those of you hoping that SSX’s online multiplayer will be available to everyone, I’m afraid I have some bad news. Though it was not outright stated, in a video off of GiantBomb you can clearly see an option to “Get Online Pass” in the bottom left corner.

EA has been using the Online Pass system for over a year now for many of its hottest online titles. A new copy of a game using Online Pass will have a code printed on a sheet that the customer can redeem. However, if somebody has a previously used copy of a game requiring the Online Pass, then they will need to purchase a Pass directly from EA. In other words, it’s EA’s way of getting in the used game segment of the market, a segment that publishers normally don’t get into.

Though it’s not surprising that EA is using this system for SSX, the trend in general is a little bothersome. By forcing people to pay money directly to the publisher for the “crime” of using a second-hand game, they’re essentially preventing people from enjoying the game they’ve otherwise bought legally.  And, it’s only looking to get worse, as Microsoft may be looking to prevent your system from playing used games in general, as noted here.


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