Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Feb 7, 2012

Free Prestige Tokens Given Out To Call Of Duty ELITE Subscribers

If you’re one of the people that ponied up the extra $50 for a Call of Duty ELITE subscription, then you probably noticed a little gift in your email this morning. It seems that the company has decided to hand out a free Prestige Token to premium members. The email mentions that it’s for being “among the first”, so it’s likely that this only applies to those with “founder” status.

If you’re not familiar, Prestige Tokens can be used in the Prestige Shop to purchase things like double XP, extra custom classes, weapons, and more. Generally, tokens are acquired each time you prestige in Modern Warfare 3, though you can get some for doing the same in older Call of Duty games.

While this is a small gesture, it’s nice to see that those that paid for a subscription are getting little extras like this. Combined with the free DLC that you get, it makes the purchase seem worthwhile.

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