Posted by Raine Hutchens on Feb 9, 2012

Magic: The Gathering Dark Ascension Pro Tour Is Live This Weekend

For fans of the MAgic: The Gathering card game, we’ve some exciting news for you. Starting this coming weekend (February 10th through the 12th), the Dark Ascension Pro Tour will be coming to Hawaii in the United States. Not only is this arrival news alone exciting, we also get to see the whole event live, as it happens.

That’s right, the whole Pro Tour event will be streaming live courtesy of TwitchTV. Magic fans can tune in to the site and view the entire tournament just as it happens in real time. One match will be covered on camera each round with original content running between matches.

Players can also take part in the Pro Tour themselves by participating via the Pro Tour’s Facebook page. A sort of minigame will be taking place, in which players will be charged with collecting the cards that they think will have the biggest impact in the Pro Tour itself. Fans will be awarded points based on how often those cards are used in the top-performing decks and simultaneously earn bragging rights as other Magic players compete and rank among players around the world. If you want to jump into the mini-contest, head on over to the Pro Tour Facebook page. While you’re signing up you can get ready for the Dark Ascension live stream by heading to the official post here.

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