Posted by Raine Hutchens on Mar 16, 2012

Ascension: Immortal Heroes Expansion Announced

Playing video games is great fun, but there’s some other types of games that are just as incredible out there. If you like to dabble in the card game business then some good news has just come over the horizon for you. The newest expansion for the deck building game Ascension, Ascension: Immortal Heroes, will be releasing this summer.

The new expansion will bring the power of past heroes with Soul Gem cards, and players can set out to snuff the rebel godling Kythis from coming to full power. Ascension: Immortal Heroes will compliment the last expansion for the game which came out last year, Ascension: Storm of Souls. It is designed to be played as a standalone 2-player game, as well as serving as an expansion for Storm of Souls. This is great for current players as well as those new to the game. Combining it with the previous expansion can set a game ready for up to 6 players total.

Here’s a breakdown of the new expansion:

  • 164 Cards, Including:
    • 69 New Center Deck Cards
    • 40 Soul Gem Cards
    • 2 Personal Starting Decks, Each containing 8 Apprentice and 2 Militia cards
    • 35 “Always available” cards (1 Cultist, 2 Fanatics, 16 Mystics and 16 Heavy Infantry)
  • 30 Deluxe Honor Tokens
  • Full-Color Rulebook
  • Storage Tray

A brand new 69-card center deck adds tons of new Events and Trophy monsters like those introduced in Storm of Souls, along with new cards for each of the game’s factions. The new Soul Gem cards will add a lot of new experiences to the gameplay and allow players to tap into the power of the heroes of old. Ascension: Immortal Heroes will release for $29.99, so it most certainly won’t break the bank. Make sure you get your wallets ready. For more information you can head over to Ascension’s official page.


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