Posted by Raine Hutchens on Mar 27, 2012

Is A Gutted Xbox Coming In 2013? [Rumor]

There have been more than a few rumors about a new Xbox coming soon for more than a while now. A new one has hit the mill just recently, however, that sends expectations on a brand new path. According to these rumors, the next coming system won’t be something that’s entirely new in the hardware department. In fact, it will contain much of the same technology it already has, only in a more compact version.

This new console will focus on “Arcade-style games” as well as Kinect Apps. This news all comes from MS Nerd via Reddit, so we don’t know how much weight it actually carries. The post continues to say that it will be “price-competitive” with Apple TV and is being set for a 2013 launch window.

Right now keeping a handle on the next Xbox is quite the task. Microsoft hasn’t confirmed anything at this point, so all we have to go on are rumors that hit the net. We do know, however, that Microsoft did say that there won’t be any talk of new hardware at this year’s E3 event. I guess we’ll just keep waiting until something gets confirmed. Until then, what do you think?



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