Posted by Chuck Corbin on Mar 29, 2012

PS4 Might Be Against Pre Owned Games As Well? [Rumor]

We’ve mentioned how the new Xbox system might be using some sort of system to prevent people from playing pre-owned games, and now it’s looking like the next Playstation might employ a similar approach. Codenamed Orbis, the new Playstation has been rumored to contain some sort of features to prevent owners from playing pre-owned games.

According to Kotaku’s source, pre-owned games will work in a way similar to EA’s Online Pass. If you buy a game brand new, that game will be added to your PSN account, and you’ll be able to download the full game from the internet whenever you want, even if you get rid of the actual disc. If you buy the game used from a place like GameStop, though, you’ll only be able to play the game in a trial-like mode, where certain features may be locked, until you pay a fee to unlock and register the full game to your account. Supposedly, this would allow places like GameStop to keep selling pre-owned games, but I beg to differ. Why should a customer pay 5 dollars less for a full copy of a game, when they’re going to have to turn around and pay at least another 5 dollars, if not more, to unlock the full game anyway?

So, with this content management system, it makes sense to assume that if this happens, then you’ll need to always be on the internet. While there are plenty of gamers in the USA who have broadband access, there are big parts of the country, mostly rural areas that do not carry any sort of broadband whatsoever. In other words, it’s looking like if you want to play the next great consoles, you better live close to the city, because otherwise, you’ll be out of luck, pal.

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