Posted by Chuck Corbin on Apr 18, 2012

Call Of Duty May Have Hit Sales Peak

According to Gamasutra.com, Call of Duty sales as a whole are starting to slow down. Despite a strong debut, Modern Warfare 3 volume sales are behind Black Ops sales at the same point in time last year by 4.3 percent. March sales were particularly rough, as MW3 sold less than half of what Black Ops sold in March in 2011.

The analysts that Gamasutra talked to say that those numbers may be indicating significant changes in the market, in that players are buying less games and instead focusing on streaming and other applications. This is consistent with other trends, as it was noted last month that over half of the time spent on Xbox Live was not being used for gaming, but rather, for streaming video and other similar applications.

So does that mean we’ve seen the last of Call of Duty? Well, of course not. It’s been making too much money for too long for Activision to just give up on it. But, with that being said, given how MW3 received negative comments last year for being just more of the same, you can bet that at some point soon the Call of Duty franchise is going to be shaken up a bit, in order to push in fresh air into what many have come to call a stale series.


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