Posted by Raine Hutchens on Apr 13, 2012

Demon’s Souls Servers To Shut Down In May, You’ll Die On Your Own

When it comes down to unique versions of online multiplayer, Demons Souls would have to take the award for its inclusion. The entire multiplayer aspect of this deadly RPG are asynchronous, meaning that they run in-time along with your playing through the game. Players will leave messages for each other, as well as “death trails” that will show how they died in efforts to prevent other players from falling to the same fate. The system has been running for a long while, though starting on May 31st, players will be on their own.

FromSoftware has just announced that the online servers for Demon’s Souls will shut down all together in May of this year. Tim Pivnicny, the Vice President of Sales and Marketing from Atlus, sent a statement to Game Informer speaking on his departure from the game:

It has been a tremendous honor and privilege for all of our staff at ATLUS to have been involved with so innovative and groundbreaking an interactive entertainment experience.  We poured our heart and soul into every facet of our involvement with Demon’s Souls, particularly the title’s memorable Deluxe Edition, which served as the only avenue through which to purchase the game’s official strategy guide.  It was also of the utmost importance for us to sustain the game’s online experience as long as possible, even beyond the point at which sales could help to offset the expense.  Regrettably, the online servers cannot be sustained forever and now the end draws near.

This is saddening news, especially when you put it into perspective. At some point you realize that this is the end of a lifespan for a game. A game that you’ve poured your heart and soul into, will officially die. Then you’ve got other games to think about too. Where will the ends meet? Pardon me for getting all philosophical on you, and make sure you get some Demon’s Souls action now while you can. Who knows, maybe there will be some sort of going away gift locked in it for you?


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