Posted by Raine Hutchens on Apr 12, 2012

Legend of Dragoon Hits PSN In May, Bringing Back A Classic RPG

There have been many of the PSOne classics hitting the PlayStation Network, and while many of them are great, it’s now time for a legend to be reborn. One of my dearest favorite RPGs, and perhaps one of the best of its time, is being re-released on the PSN this coming May. Legend of Dragoon will live on once more as the full game hits the download network.

Starting May 1st, players can download this wondrous title and live the fantasy that kept me captivated for years. I’ve been very invested in the Final Fantasy series, but none has kept me wrenched as much as Legend of Dragoon. In the game you play a young warrior named Dart, as he returns to his once beloved home. Two nations are at war, and Dart finds his heart torn in the middle of it all. Shana, Dart’s childhood friend, has been kidnapped and taken away to prison, for she possesses a special power within her to awaken a long lost entity of old. Harnessing the power of age-old warriors called Dragoons, Dart and the company he encounters along the way will come across many trials and tribulations as they set out to keep their world safe from the forces of evil.

This is great news, and if you’re a fan at all of RPG titles, this is one I urge you to pick up. It’s got an amazing storyline, great graphics for its time, and a combat system that’s not been seen before – or since – the game debuted. There’s a reason it took well over 100 people to develop the game over the course of three years, and it speaks for itself. Get ready to embrace the power when Legend of Dragoon re-releases on the PSN on May 1st.


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