Posted by Raine Hutchens on Apr 26, 2012

Minecraft Pocket Edition Gets Hefty Update, Adds Crafting

Up until now the travel version of the hit PC game Minecraft has been a bit bland. You can jump into the game and explore mines to your heart’s content, but aside from that there hasn’t been too much going on. There’s the occasional  deep fall down a mineshaft, or the bustling of wind through the overhanging trees, but nothing really to bat an eyelash at. Well, that has officially changed for good.

In a recent update sent out for the game, Mojang has really ramped up this Pocket Edition, and we’ve finally gotten some features to shake a stick at – literally. Crafting has finally been added to the game, and it’s as simple as touch-and-go. Whenever you want to craft, just open your inventory and select the item that you’d like to make. As long as you have the necessary materials, you can touch the desired item, and “BOOM,” you’ve just made something out of thin air! This crafting system has been called “MATTIS,” which stands for Minecraft Advanced Touch Technology Interface System. Yeah, it’s a mouthful.

In addition to the new system, Mojang has tweaked some of the other features in the game. Zombies now have better-refined AI, ducks and cows have been added, and a new description text of inventory items has been slapped in. This update has made the Pocket Edition of Minecraft a full game that’s even more worth playing than before. All you’ll need is a 100gb sim for data connection. Make sure you hop on your mobile devices and pick it up.


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