Posted by Chuck Corbin on May 29, 2012

Cocoloa Laying Down The Ban Hammer

If you’re a person who’s playing any sort of online game with trading implemented in it in the last decade, you’re most likely familiar with gold farmers. You’ll be spammed with tons of messages from people offering to sell you gold and other items for cash, and generally they tend to be a nuisance. Sometimes, you might even be a victim of one, when some gold farmer gained access to your account and stole all of your gold and gear and stripped you to the bare bones!

Well, there’s one game out there that’s not taking this sitting down. An online game from Japan called Cocoloa has just been released, and they’re laying down the ban hammer. If you’re caught buying or selling items and currency with cash, you’ll be on the receiving end of a 30 year “complete” ban.

Now, as good as their intentions are, I have to wonder how practical this is. Most of the time, people banned for reasons related to gold farming can just make a new account with a different email address and start from where they left off. However, if the company who makes Cocoloa can keep up with the gold farmers, that just might discourage the farmers enough to leave the game alone and search for an easier target.


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