Posted by Caitlyn Muncy on Jul 5, 2012

Blizzard Has A Timeline That Spans Over Two Decades

While we all know that Blizzard has a rather large stake in the gaming world, but not many of us know the history of how they got to be that way. Did you know that they actually started out a Silicon & Synapse back in 1991? Not only that, but that their first game was RPM Racing?

It’s always interesting to see the windy path that a company can go through from its beginning point. Should you be at all curious about how Blizzard came to be the big wigs they are today, then you might want to check out their new timeline. It’s a pretty basic outline, but it does give you a starting point if you want to know the background story.

It spans from humble beginnings in 1991, all the way to the present year. For those of you who only associate Blizzard with WoW or Diablo, this is definitely an interesting read. There aren’t any click-able links to give more information, but as it was just posted today, I’d say it’s a pretty good start. You can find the timeline here.




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