Posted by Raine Hutchens on Jul 13, 2012

First Monthly Update For The Secret World Gets Detailed

The Secret World is a newly-released MMO that sets itself apart from the normal medieval quest-following games we’re used to seeing. A lot of fans have already jumped into the game and just now the ability to send out friend passes for free trials has just gone live. If the hype and constant nagging from your friends isn’t enough to get you into the game, there’s one more reason you should check it out: free content.

The first free batch of new content for the game will be released on July 31st. This content will release as comic book-like issues, and the first piece is called Issue #1: Unleashed. In this download players will have access to seven new missions and a marketplace will be added to the game.

Players can access the Marketplace to buy, sell, trade, and ship items to other players. Funcom labels this feature as “integral” to the game’s growing economy. Funcom commented on the releasing content, saying, “Of course, issue #1 is jam-packed with other updates and changes – and astute players may even notice the ongoing construction in New York, London, and Seoul, as new tenants prepare to move in. The Secret World is a living world, and it will keep growing and changing through this issue and all upcoming monthly issues.”

It’s cool to know that free monthly content will be releasing for the game. MMOs nowadays seem like they’re free with paid add-on content, or subscription-based with very little content updates. The Secret World does run off of a subscription, but the free content updates will no doubt keep players hooked on the game. If you haven’t checked out the game yet, try and snag a friend pass. The Illuminati can always use a few new suits.



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