Posted by Raine Hutchens on Aug 22, 2012

Kinect Sees A Price Drop In The US, It’s Permanent

Microsoft’s motion-capture peripheral Kinect has been laughed at, gawked at, praised, and torn apart since it released. Some gamers really like the voice functionality that comes with it while others aren’t impressed with its motion-capture abilities. No matter what you think of it, you can now get the peripheral for cheaper than it’s ever been.

Right now the Kinect can be grabbed for $109.99, a nice drop from the $149.99 that it’s retailed at since it launched. The best thing about the price drop is that it’s permanent according to Major Nelson. Once October 4th rolls around Australia and New Zealand will also share the same drop. As for Europe there hasn’t been any detail on whether they’ll get the reduced price or not.

The Kinect does have some good things going for it, like the voice recognition. A lot of players like to watch Netflix and take advantage of controlling their system with just their voice. As for the gaming side of things the Kinect has come in handy with games like Skyrim and Mass Effect 3, though it doesn’t make or break the game. There’s the Kinect line of games that are popular for families too. So there’s something for everyone. Now that the price has been lowered I expect Microsoft hopes to see one in the homes of each person with a 360.


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