Posted by Chuck Corbin on Aug 28, 2012

Wii U To Be Released November 18th? [Rumor]

You know, for a console supposedly coming out later this year Nintendo sure hasn’t said a whole lot, have they? There’s been no official price or official release date, and it’s already nearly September! Well, while Nintendo isn’t saying anything, it looks like accessory-maker PDP may have inadvertently slipped the release date for the new console.

According to two different sources, PDP was having a conference to show what the company would be doing during the fall. At the end of presentation he said that the peripherals would be available for the Wii U just ahead of it’s November 18th launch. Of course, PDP is enacting damage control right now, and is saying that they have no knowledge of the Wii U’s release date, and thus couldn’t have “leaked” the information.

It would make sense to have the official release date on November 18th. That would be the Sunday right before Thanksgiving, and thus Black Friday, meaning that the console would be a much sought after commodity for Black Friday. That is, if there still any left in stock when Black Friday hits. Remember how fast the Wii sold out in the first place?


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