Posted by Marianne Miller on Sep 5, 2012

Phoenix Wright 5 Announced For 3DS.

In a very exciting bit of news for portable game fans, Phoenix Wright is returning as Gyakuten Saiban’s protagonist after a long-awaited return in Phoenix Wright 5, just announced in Famitsu this week.  Scans of Famitsu hint that Maya may not be returning as a protagonist, but instead show a red-haired woman in yellow standing beside you in the courtroom.  One can only hope that Phoenix is not the only character from the original games in the upcoming title, as one of Ace Attorney’s strongest suits were its recurring character roles.

The game is set one year after Apollo Justice and shows Phoenix Wright returning to his work as a lawyer in a dapper new suit and vest with his trademark blue.  There will be fully 3D character models and our source speculates that you will be able to alter Phoenix’s facial expressions during testimonies.  The first case involves Phoenix facing off against Winston Payne’s brother to solve a case surrounding an explosion in the courthouse.

No release date announced, but fans at the Tokyo Game Show can expect to play a 15 minute demo on the show floor and even get a cell phone/DS strap for waiting.  Hopefully more news, screenshots, or videos will surface then!

Crisp, but small, images from Famitsu can be found here. Larger, lower-quality “scans” can be found on the Phoenix Wright wiki.

UPDATE: According to PocketGamer, Capcom has confirmed that Phoenix Wright 5 will be released stateside at an undetermined date, but more information is on the way.


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