Posted by Marianne Miller on Nov 28, 2012

Dragon Age III Possibly A Next-Gen Title?

Today, it was discovered on the LinkedIn Profile of a Chinese level designer for EA that the newest installment of the Dragon Age series would be released for the next generation of consoles.  Bullet points speckle the page underneath each title of each game he’s worked on, and under Dragon Age III is written:

Scope of the DAIII has been chaged, which will target next gen platform and will be postpone to 2014. [SIC]

The possibility of a next-gen console release is promising, since it will not only be one of the first to show what the new systems are capable of (so long as they go for the expansiveness of the first game, rather than opting for the repetitive nature of the second), as well as allows the team working on it sufficient time to flesh out a proper story and world.  Many gamers were wary of the short deadlines the Dragon Age team had set themselves previously for Awakening and Dragon Age II, so this is promising for fans of the series.


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