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Riot Is Developing Stand-Alone API For League Of Legends


A new thread opened up in the LoL forums just a bit ago. It was about some privacy policy changes, which means most everyone skipped over it. You know, those things you pretend to look through and accept when you’re signing up to play the game.

Well, in the midst of the upcoming policy changes, there is a nugget of information for 3rd party developers in the community. The new bit in the privacy policy will read like this:

“In the event that you choose to create an Account and play the Game, we also collect certain information regarding your in-Game performance and/or interactions with other users (e.g., wins / losses, recent champions played, average number of kills / deaths etc.). These statistics are associated with your in-Game Summoner name and are publicly accessible by members of the Riot Games community. In addition, we may share your in-Game statistics with third parties in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth in this Policy. To be clear, no personal information about you, such as your email address, username, IP address, or other sensitive information, will be shared as a part of this process.”

This means that everyone will have access to player stats. They say that people “make awesome stuff” with game data like this, but I have no idea what sort of fantastical things you can do with that. More info on this will surface in the coming months.

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  1. Heywes says

    Nothing fancy about this. The game already does this and I fail to see how this is different to the current way the information is handled.
    Actually, this is a pretty good clause as it is only giving statistical data that everyone already has access to away and sharing nothing beyond that (much better then the ToS that you have to agree to when using something like a gmail account or Facebook).
    I also look forward to the fantastic graphs as well.
    Hopefully they show something like Teemo dying a whole bunch :D

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