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Review – Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse

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I have not encountered a vast number of gaming mice in my gaming career as of yet, but I will say I was a bit surprised to see one from Logitech. I gave it an honest try while playing a few different games, and was pleasantly surprised by its smooth performance. I found myself less fatigued at the end of a multi-hour MMO run with this mouse, for reasons I will discuss below.

First Look

Like many recent mice, the Logitech G600 comes with a keypad set on the inside. The buttons have a nice inlay shape that fits the thumb very naturally. I have medium-sized hands, but I don’t feel that the mouse is too big or too small, and fits quite comfortably in my hand. The Logitech logo sits at the back of the mouse where the palm rests.

The casing for the mouse is great for long gaming sessions, as it does not sweat or slip, even during intense sessions. The scrolling button is incredibly smooth, and does not skip. The left and right mouse buttons are not separated from the top shell of the mouse, adding to its sleek appearance.

The Logitech G600 has a pulsating illumination on the keypad, giving it a lively aura. The cord is braided, and quite resistant to tangling or kinking.

Comfort and Performance

While this mouse may appear quite simplistic, it is efficient for what it is. The mouse glides smoothly across a variety of mousepads, and I’ve never had an issue with it skipping across the screen. The mouse fits snugly in the hand, and I found myself not having to put forth much effort to get a feel for the mouse. The button placement and feel seemed natural, and I found myself picking up on its features very quickly. As an MMO mouse, it is great for long periods of time and for setting up custom key bindings. While its movement would remain unphased, the keypad really has no contribution to FPS or RTS games.

I never felt that I needed to force the mouse for movement, because the standard DPI is smooth and very responsive, without flying uncontrollably all over the place. I did not need to make any adjustments to it in that regard, which was nice. Having absolutely no lag was wonderful as well.

Software and Programming

I believe that one of the best parts about getting started with this mouse is its on board programming. There was no need to wait for a software install, as everything you need is already built in to the mouse itself. However, if you want to make changes to it, the Logitech website has an easily located software download for customizing DPI, colors, and more. The mouse can hold up to 3 different profiles in regards to key binding and colors, making it customizable for various games and purposes.


I would definitely recommend this mouse to any MMO gamer for its efficiency and smooth tracking. It certainly doesn’t look like a fancy mouse by any means, but the performance quality outweighs the simple appearance. The Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse retails for $79.99, which might be a bit high, but the mouse does hold true to its advertising, so you are getting what you’re being pitched. If your niche is more FPS and strategy games, I’d probably suggest passing this one up. But, I believe that this would be a great mouse for someone getting into MMO’s, and wanting customization unavailable by standard mice.

The Good

  • comfortable
  • tracks smoothly
  • customizable colors
  • on board programming

The Bad

  • not for hardcore gamers
  • a little steep on the price

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