Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Feb 15, 2013

Radeon 8000 Series Will Launch This Year

Earlier this week we brought you reports that AMD would not be releasing any new graphics cards this year. Instead, the company would be focusing on their successful 7000-series. This would include optimizing drivers for better performance, and adjusting price points throughout the year.

Today, AMD has clarified that while they do intend to focus on the current 7000-series GPU’s, they will indeed be releasing new cards this year. The statements that lead to the confusion were taken out-of-context, and were only meant to reinforce the idea that the company was planning to support their current line of cards. It had no bearing on the release of future products.

This honestly makes more sense, as an entire year off from the GPU game would have certainly hurt AMD in the long run. It also falls in line with what AMD was saying back at CES. While they were putting a larger focus on their APU line, they seemed committed to their future desktop graphics division, as well, even if they didn’t outline any timelines back then. It sounds like they have some official announcements coming soon, which should hopefully clear things up even further.


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