Posted by Chuck Corbin on Mar 7, 2013

SimCity Suffering From Server Connection Problems

If you’re looking to play EA’s SimCity, I have this to say: good luck. Since its launch on Tuesday the game has been suffering from connection problems due to the fact that the game requires a constant connection to a server, and tons of people are now out and about trying to play it. It appears to me that EA didn’t feel like springing for the extra bandwidth and servers to hold all the people.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a game launch so horribly mismanaged. Last year Diablo III’s launch tarnished the game as millions of players were unable to log in and play on day one. It was a complete disaster, just like SimCity’s launch.

It’s really amazing to see how badly EA dropped the ball on this game after the Diablo III fiasco last year. You’d think that if the company cared even a little bit about getting the game running then they’d go out and make sure that there are plenty of servers available for use on day 1. Instead, EA is now stuck having to play catch up, as hordes of angry fans are all vying for a spot in the server, much like my sims all trying to drive in and out of town through the one highway road provided for 100,000 people. I have to wonder if there’s anybody who’s been able to crack the game yet and have it run in a true single-player mode?

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