Posted by Chuck Corbin on Jun 25, 2013

Microsoft Investing $700 Million In Iowa Data Center

Even with Microsoft’s apparent 180 in its online policies for the Xbox One, the company is still investing quite heavily in the “cloud”, so to speak. That became apparent today when the company announced that they will be investing nearly $700 million in a data center in West Des Moines. For that investment, the state of Iowa will give Microsoft $20 million in tax credits.

With this investment, Microsoft now owns 40 acres of land in the city. Combined with the $700 million investment, that makes Microsoft’s investment the city’s largest by far. With that being said, however, Microsoft didn’t rule out the possibility of expanding on that 40 acres with even more future growth.

While the data center is set to provide cloud services for Xbox Live, it’s also going to be used to support other Microsoft products as well, such as Office 365. I’ll say this much, everything certainly looks impressive on paper. I just hope that Microsoft has at least a portion of the center ready for when more Xbox One games decide to use cloud processing in their games later this year.


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