Posted by Chuck Corbin on Jun 18, 2013

Xbox One Games To Retail For $60

The Xbox One hasn’t exactly had the reception Microsoft was hoping for. While the console may end up being pretty good to play games on, many people have seen quite a few faults with the system and how its services work, from an online requirement to “check for updates”, to the fact that trading and giving away used copies of games is no longer as simple as just giving a person a disc, and even to the fact that the Xbox One requires to have the new Kinect attached at all times, which after the whole NSA debacle is suddenly looking a bit 1984-ish. Luckily, a price hike won’t be among those faults.

Despite the fact that some industry analysts were predicting that the next generation of consoles would raise games up to 70 bucks, it appears that won’t be the case. According to GameSpot, Microsoft will be selling their games for $60, the same price it has been since the Xbox 360 came out. This is a bit of welcome news.

Sony hasn’t said anything since E3 about the price of PS4 games, but it’s being assumed that those games will be staying at the $60 price mark as well. After all, PlayStation executive Jack Tretton did say in February that PS4 titles would max out at $60. But with that being said, it is possible that Sony may have since revised their prices since then, though considering how the PS4 will be at a cool $399 I’ve got the feeling that we won’t be seeing any price hikes from them either.


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