Posted by Raine Hutchens on Sep 9, 2010

“Deliver Hope” Halo: Reach Trailer Special Extended Cut Debut

The Halo: Reach last live-action short, “Deliver Hope”, turned heads and excited fans everywhere when it first debuted a couple of weeks ago. Now fans can view an extended version online as of yesterday. The extended cut of Deliver Hope released on Machinima’s Youtube channel, and is available starting today on Xbox.com, Halo Waypoint, and Bungie.net.

Sometimes in order to accomplish a mission sacrifices must be made. In the face of unfathomable odds you need to pay the ultimate price. This new cut of the live-action trailer is two minutes and fifteen seconds of pure glory, showcasing the ultimate sacrifice paid by Noble Team. You can see a more in-depth look into the bravery and courage displayed by all of the soldiers during the battle of Reach, and the new cut includes footage not seen in the original version.

It’s shorts like this that give us that glimmer of hope that a Halo movie will soon be a reality, and according to Microsoft it will be. I can’t wait for the release of Halo: Reach here just about a week away. For now, enjoy this special cut of the unique trailer.

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