Posted by Raine Hutchens on Sep 3, 2010

New Vanquish Story Trailer Looks Epic

Yesterday I posted a preview video of the gameplay for the new title from Sega, Vanquish. In the video you can see the fast-paced action that the game is all about, but we didn’t know too much about the storyline. What we knew so far was that you were playing a character by the name of Sam, who works for the US government. You were fighting little red robots, and huge gray ones.That was pretty much the extent of the storyline.

Well, in this newly released trailer, we get a small peek into what the storyline is with this new game. Apparently this is another one of those US VS Russia deals, and the US won’t back down. So, the US brings on Sam to be the “new type of soldier” that can save us all from the imminent attack by the Russians.

Using new technology, new weaponry, and new tactics, Sam takes everything he has and puts his life on the line to protect his country in this new sci-fi epic. With a release date of October 19th of this year, we can look forward to boosting to victory in this new epic shooter. Take a look below to get a first glance at the story trailer.

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