Posted by Raine Hutchens on Oct 29, 2010

A Twisted Metal Trailer Ripe For Sweet Tooth

Way back in June, David Jaffe spoke about the idea of a movie based partially on Twisted Metal’s automotive destruction, but in doing so he focused mainly on one of the game’s most memorable characters, Sweet Tooth. In his words he stated, “I want us to make an honest to goodness, low-budget slasher movie and sell it on PSN exclusive.”

Well it seems like some fans have taken the idea and ran with it, bringing Needles Kane (Sweet Tooth) gruesomely to life. In a trailer for a movie titled “Twisted Metal: Home Sweet Home”, we see the psychotic clown slashing his way through youngsters, using his macabre ice cream truck to create his own world of terror.

Of course we assume the movie will not make it to fruition, but wouldn’t it be cool?


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