Posted by Raine Hutchens on Jun 6, 2011

Dead Island E3 Trailer Shows Us We’re No Longer On Vacation [E3 2011]

The E3 trailer for Dead Island is a bit more structured than the ones previous, in that it really brings to life the necessity of survival. We’re no longer on vacation, and Techland wants us to realize that.

The trailer puts us in the shoes of a guy who rather enjoys the party scene, so much in fact that it takes him over. After a black out session due to the drink, the character wakes up in his hotel room to find the place quiet. Too quiet, as he exclaims. To his surprise the undead have taken over the island, and his vacation time has turned into a fight for his life.

Dead Island is set to release in North America this September 6th, and the rest of the world on September 9th for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC. I am severely looking forward to playing this game and with every trailer or image that surfaces, it only makes me want to play it even more. Check out the trailer below to get your zombified blood boiling.


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  • Johnal

    I’m just starting to show interest in all things zombie…maybe I’ll let this be my segue into full on love for zombie ish.

  • JonnyHernandez


  • JonnyHernandez

    cant get enough zombies!

  • Almin A

    Absolutely going to get this game, love this company because Techland doesn’t seem to want to cater to the 10 year olds of the world. I have two concerns about this game though.

    1) The storyline of this game is awesome, but the multiplayer follows the storyline as well, seems a bit lackluster since it’s a hack and slash game, there aren’t a lot of features in it such as barricading and other things. Seems like people will get bored very quickly after they’re doing with the storymode. But if they continue to put out expansions, and add to it, like mainland locations and add to the storyline, I would totally love them and buy all of it.

    2) Here’s my main concern, because this game is so gruesome, there are a surprising number of countries that won’t even sell this game, such as the UK, South Korea & China. I remember a few years ago, Left4Dead and StarCraft 2 had to tone down the violence in the game to sell it there. But how do you tone down cutting zombies apart with knives? It won’t be able to sell in many places, and not make this deserving company, the money they deserve.

    Overall, I’m very excited, looks very realistic, and plan on purchasing.

  • Alan Tong (Omega Doom)

    I like how the game starts… very similar to beginning of the storyline to the Walking Dead. Man wakes up to find an ongoing zombie apocalypse. What must he do? Survive by all means necessary. Very cool. The zombie kills will outrageously bloody, so Dead Island is definitely not for little kids. If parents decide to get this for their kids, I really, really hope they talk to their kids about the potential dangers of machetes, bats, and the such. This is clearly fantasy, but younger minds might not get that when they are horsing around with the real thing… trying to imitate what they see in games, movies, or TV. Anyway I’m ranting… :) Thanks for sharing!

  • turkeyfox

    So what genre would this be? FPS? Are there going to be guns?

  • http://Main Molls Ballz

    Not a big fan of Zombie games, but I love how there’s a bunch of games coming out around my birthday! WAHOO!