Posted by Caitlyn Muncy on Jan 9, 2012

Journey’s Music Is Like Audio Poetry

Some games come out and seem exciting to us because we get amazing graphics, beautiful music or extraordinary adventures. Occasionally, there are games that offer all three in one package. It’s looking like Journey, which will be coming out this coming Spring, will be one such master piece.

The game is set in a desert-looking world we know nothing about, and is looks absolutely fantastical. There are no real instructions, other than the knowledge that you need to get to the mountain in the distance. The interactions you have with other characters are not vocalized other than tones and actions, which makes the use of sound so much more important.

The video below gives you a sample of the music that you will be spending time with during the game. Having music with a lot of emotion might crop up once or twice in any game you play. This is merely used to get some specific reaction from the player, but in this case, music seems to be both a sort of companion and guide in the vast, endless world. It is beautiful, and will likely completely immerse you into the story. If you want to see some game play, you can go here to catch the first 20 minutes.



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