Posted by Chuck Corbin on Feb 3, 2012

PC Ubisoft Games Will Be Unplayable This Tuesday

Most of you already know that Ubisoft has some incredibly draconian DRM, since a lot of their games require that you keep a connection going with their servers at all times as you play the game. Well, what happens when those servers go offline?

On Tuesday, February 7th, Ubisoft will be moving its servers, and have not specified how long it will take. For those of you who have legitimately purchased your Ubisoft games, you will just be out of luck if you want to play them while the server move is taking place. That includes single player games, as well.

While Ubisoft recently announced that Rayman: Origin will have bare DRM (requiring a single activation), the glaring problems of their “always-on” DRM will be highlighted on Tuesday. Of course, if you have a pirated version, then you won’t have anything to worry about, at least when it comes to playing the game.


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