Posted by Chuck Corbin on Feb 14, 2012

Who Cares About V-Day, The Mass Effect 3 Demo Is Out Today!

For some people, February 14th is a day to spend with your sweetheart, exchanging gifts and longing looks. For others, it’s a bitter reminder of what you’ve had and lost. But, if you’re like me, you don’t care about either of those things, because the Mass Effect 3 demo is out in full swing!

The single player portion of the demo will be available for the Xbox 360, the PS3, and the PC today. Two different missions are included in the demo, one from the very beginning, and another one later in the story.  If you have Battlefield 3, and have activated the Online Pass for it, you’ll also have access to the multiplayer! For everyone else, you’ll have to wait until the 17th to take the fight to the Reapers with the rest of the internet.

So don’t mope if you’re spending this Valentine’s Day alone! Spend it with the Shepard that you love, since you’ll be able to customize Shepard in the demo as you see fit! However, like any real relationship, you’ll have to deal with the in-laws, as the PC version of the demo will require EA’s Origin service. But, that’s a small price to pay to spend time with the one that you love. Enjoy!

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