Posted by Raine Hutchens on Mar 9, 2012

A New Menace Revealed In The Motorized Patriot Trailer For Bioshock Infinite

A brand new trailer has been released for Bioshock Infinite, and it reveals a new enemy that strikes fear into the hearts of all good men. This new foe is called the “Motorized Patriot,” and it’s pumped full of the red, white, and blue. He belongs to a new class of enemies to the game, which have been dubbed the “Heavy Hitters.”

Bioshock Infinite is full of wonder, and with the coming days we learn more and more about it. It’s not enough that you have a sky rail system that you can use to traverse the giant floating city, but now we’ve got giant metal soldiers with full-scale weaponry. Add this to the giant bird-dude that is after us from the get-go, and we’ve got one smashing title.

I can’t wait for Bioshock Infinite, and I am sure it will not disappoint fans at all. As a fan of the previous Bioshock titles, the changes with Infinite only make me want for it deeper. Check out the Motorized Patriot in action below, and make sure to stay tuned for more as it arrives about the game.


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