Posted by Raine Hutchens on Mar 9, 2012

First Gameplay Trailer For War of the Roses Has Arrived

Thinking back, choosing that halberd over the longsword was a great idea. The extra reach just saved your life in more ways than one. Getting up, you swipe off the thickened blood from your mail coat and pick up your poleaxe from the dead enemy below you. There’s only one thing you forgot – how will you protect yourself from the crossbow bolt hurling toward you as you stand?

That’s the world presented to you in Paradox Interactive’s War of the Roses game coming for the PC. Since the Game Developers Conference has been going on this past week, Fatshark has decided to let us in on a look at the gameplay we’ll experience in the game. The newest trailer for the game, which has been called “Death before Dishonor,” shows actual gameplay to get us ready to head an offensive.

So far the game looks good, and it reminds me of a multiplayer Skyrim title. War of the Roses will release this fall, and it will inclyde over 60 different weapons to choose from, tiered skill trees within a fully-fleshed leveling system, and team-based tactical challenges. It’s set to be a great experience for those seeking medieval conquest, and it’s looking the part so far.

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