Posted by Raine Hutchens on Oct 15, 2012

Ex-Bulletstorm Developers Stress Their New Title Is Not A Shooter

Last week we put up a post about the news with The Astronauts, a group of developers who recently left People Can Fly to start their new company. They’ve announced that they’re making use of the Unreal Engine, and their new game will be releasing sometime next year. What they’ve just revealed, however, is what surprises some of us: their debut project won’t be a shooter.

Though it caught some flak I thought Bulletstorm was a fun game. I didn’t like the abrupt ending, but I did enjoy getting to it. I liked the skill shot system and the dialogue had me in stitches. That’s not what we should be expecting, however, from the new studio according to The Astronauts themselves.

A blog post on the developer’s official website has been put up in attempts to clear up any early confusion with what they’re working on:

“Guys, we are not making a shooter. Let us repeat that: we are not making a shooter.

And it’s actually silly to talk about ‘yet another Unreal Engine game’ when some of the best, most unique games in the world are made with exactly that particular tech (Bioshock, Mass Effect, Dishonored, etc.).”

The team is going out of their way to ensure that they not only do things themselves, but do things right. They’ve mentioned that they’re trying hard to turn away from sites like Kickstarter, and they’re not working together secretly with Cliff Bleszinski, who earlier this month resigned from Epic Games. They’ve announced that this new game would be low-budget because they’re funding it themselves, but that doesn’t mean they’re not putting in 110% to make their debut title a smashing one. When they’ve got more details on what they’re doing, we’ll be right here to let you know.


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