Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Sep 13, 2011

Team Meat Is Fed Up With Microsoft, Won’t Ever Work With Them Again

To say that Super Meat Boy was a success would be quite the understatement. This unexpected hit landed on both the PC and Xbox Live Arcade. However, it would seem that we won’t be seeing a sequel, or anything else from Team Meat on Microsoft’s console in the future.

It’s no surprise to hear someone say that Steam is a much easier platform to work with than XBLA, but according to Edmund McMillen (co-founder of Team Meat), it’s been so bad that “I don’ think we’ll work with them ever again.” He cited one of the biggest issues as not being able to participate in various promotions or sales. They have asked Microsoft time and again, and always the answer is no.

Now there’s something you don’t tend to hear a lot. A company actually wants to give out their wares for less, and they’re strictly forbidden. I’m sorry, but while I know Microsoft has a reason for these kinds of actions, I hate to see indie developers like Team Meat taking their games elsewhere. Seriously Microsoft, if you really want to compete with the PC market, you’re going to have to learn to do business more like Valve. As McMillen put it “Steam is a fucking powerhouse.”


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