Posted by Raine Hutchens on Oct 17, 2011

A Burglary May Just Put Project Zomboid To Rest

It looks like Project Zomboid, the zombie survival RPG in the works by The Indie Stone, may be in for some trouble. A recent burglary may lead to the game going under, and it’s not looking good for the developer, or the game itself. It seems that The Indie Stone seem to be having more than just a streak of bad luck recently, with the battling of piracy and the recent bricking of pre-orders due to PayPal shutting down. Though the developer has made it through these tribulations, it looks like they may not shamble away from thsi one.

The burglary was committed over the weekend, and two laptops that were used to code Project Zomboid were taken. The game was backed up, but according to Indie Stone, it wasn’t backed up to an offsite location as often as it could have been, resulting in a big setback. “Project Zomboid was regularly backed up from machine to machine, but rarely – sadly and infuriatingly – externally. We have lost an awful lot of work. Mash and Binky don’t even know this has happened yet,” writes Will, a writer for the game.

While in the midst of all this commotion, Chris “Lemmy” Simpson, a developer for Project Zomboid, let some of his emotion flow out on Twitter. He commented that “this will probably finish us,” and that they were severely at an impasse. This, along with some other updates on Twitter led to a frustrating debate on whether the game would still see the light of day. This feed has since been taken down.

In an update on the game’s official site, writer Will states that, “Project Zomboid, however, will come back stronger.” A full statement was posted on the game’s official site, and it’s worth a read. Right now Indie Stone is working hard to salvage whatever they can from this setback, and vow to continue work on Project Zomboid. It’s important to note that no players’ personal information was taken during the burglary. As more arrives on the topic, we’ll keep you posted.


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