Posted by Caitlyn Muncy on Jul 16, 2012

SanJigenjiten Helps You Learn How To Speak A New Language

Learning a new language can be pretty overwhelming. There’s so much to know, especially if it’s something like Japanese that has three different alphabets, and a strange grammatical structure. If you’re wondering where to start, building a good vocabulary base is a nice beginning point.

Rob Howland thought of this too, and as he was already in the process of learning Japanese, he figured he would make a game to help this process along for himself and others. The game, called Sanjigenjiten (or SanJiten for short), came from the method of taping flashcards on everyday items to ingrain it in your memory. While this is a great idea and all, you may end up looking over them rather than remembering to look at it every time you use whatever item it is.

This is why making it into an actual game is so awesome! SanJiten is a 3D interactive game that will let you click on just about anything in a room, and give you the translation for it. Currently, you can download a demo version of the game and test it out, but you’ll have to shell out ten bucks for the full game. This is currently a Kickstarter project, but a successfully funded one, and still has a little over a week left. The initial game will give you Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, and English, but more languages will be available in the future (priced individually).

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