Posted by Caitlyn Muncy on Jul 18, 2012

Unmechanical: Trying To Escape The Belly Of The Beast

Everyone loves robots, and you all know it to be true. When robots can fly and look indifferent to the rest of the world, it makes them adorable. As the main character of Unmechanical carries both of these traits, he falls under the aforementioned category.

This is a student project gone wild as a year and a half of growth turned it into an awesome game. Your mission is to find your way out of the inside of an underground beast. Not only are you flustered at your new surroundings, but you have no idea as to how you got there.

In this adventure-puzzle game, you’ll have to figure out what’s going on and why. It has easy, yet intuitive mechanics that will make this game available to many different types of players. This game from Talwa, Teotl, and Future Games will be available on Steam on August 8th.



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