Posted by Chuck Corbin on Aug 23, 2013

Star Citizen’s Hangar Module To Be Released Next Thursday

One of the games I’ve been keeping a close eye on for the last several months is a space simulator called Star Citizen. It’s an indie game being developed by Chris Roberts (Wing Commander, Privateer) that’s notable in the fact that it’s being completely transparent from the get-go. The team is showing off to everybody the game as it’s being developed, and not just at beta, or even alpha levels, but pre-alpha. There’s a lot more to go in its development, but many people are excited for this game, so much so that the team has been able to raise almost 17 million dollars via crowdsourcing without having to use outside funds.

One of the big draws in the game is the fact that they’re releasing different modules of the game from time to time. The very first module, the hangar module, is set to be released here in the next week, as folks will be able to look at their ships sitting in the hangar for the first time. Being that this is essentially a pre-alpha level of completion, you can expect a lot of bugs and quirks, but the fact that fans and backers are getting something they can actually do something with this early is astonishing!

Of course, such news is not without some controversy. Many fans of the game were under the impression that the hangar module was to come out tomorrow, on the 24th, and some of those fans’ sense of entitlement is so great that they’re accusing Chris Roberts and his team of “keeping backers in the dark”. To that I have to say “really?” Fact is, what had been said in the past is that the hangar would be revealed on the 24th, and when you consider the fact that a good portion of the team is in Germany for Gamescom, it wouldn’t make much sense to release an alpha this early in a game’s creation while they’re out of the office. Honestly folks, take a chill pill.


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